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SAERTEX® GmbH & Co. KG with the headquarter in Saerbeck, Germany is amongst the world´s leading supplier of glass fibre rovings. The high-tech rovings are used around the globe, e.g. in the construction of wind farms, aircraft, in boat and shipbuilding as well as the automotive industry. This know-how is also the technological basis for the subsidiary enterprise SAERTEX multiCom®: With the SAERTEX-LINER® we offer a GRP-Liner with an unique roving structure as a convincing solution for sewer pipe rehabilitation.

SAERTEX multiCom® offers the tried and trusted standard product for sewer rehabilitation, the SAERTEX-LINER® Typ S. With its excellent short-term modulus of elasticity of 12,000 N/mm² and a reduction factor of only 1.35, this GRP-Liner is one of the strongest liners on the world markets. The great stability under load and longevity of the SAERTEX-LINER® are based on its outstanding mechanical characteristics. The bending modulus of elasticity and flexural strength are very important in this connection. We have also developed the SAERTEX-LINER® Typ M in wall thicknesses of 3 mm and 4 mm for an economical, low-cost but high quality renovation for smaller dimensions up to DN 400.

Both liners as well as the SAERTEX-LINER® Premium – the world’s first GRP-Liner with styrene-proof inner coating for the trenchless rehabilitation of gravity and pressured waste water pipes - are made exclusively of glass, which is permanently resistant to chemicals and corrosion. They are impregnated in the works with polyester resin for the municipal sector or vinyl ester resin for industry. Curing is possible either by steam or UV light.

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